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Arthur Henry Churton

Andrie Hart

Les Divers

John Morrison Melville

Harold Brainsby

1903 The firm was established by John Morrison Melville who practised on his own account for many years.
1920’s John Melville took in two partners and the firm became known as Melville Ferner & Brown. Ray Ferner was subsequently appointed a stipendiary magistrate and the firm reverted to a sole practice under the name J M Melville.
1935 John Melville formed a company called New Zealand Forest Products.
1937 Arthur Henry Churton admitted to the partnership and the firms name changed to Melville Churton.
1938 John Melville and Arthur Churton were joined by Jock Cairns in partnership. At that time Jock Cairns was a resident partner at a branch office in Mangataroto. After the end of World War II, Jock Cairns resigned and later was a senior partner of the firm Cairns Slane in Auckland.
1952 Harold Brainsby joined the practice. Harold had a background as a journalist for the Auckland Star and had represented New Zealand at the 1934 Empire Games in London.
1959 John Melville died, working in the firm until his death.
1962 The firm became known as Churton Brainsby & Hart upon the admission to the partnership of Andrie Hart.
1975 Upon the death of Harold Brainsby, Les Divers joined the partnership as the partner responsible for litigation.
1979 The firm was expanded by the addition of Phillip Wong as a principal.
1987 Arthur Churton died, working until the day he died.
1999 Phillip Wong resigned from the partnership, Andrie Hart became a consultant and the firm name was changed back to Churton Hart & Divers. At the same time the practice became based in Highland Park after occupying premises in the General Buildings in Shortland Street for the previous 60 years.
2014 Incorporated to trade as Churton Hart & Divers Limited and Ross Sly and Michele Lu joined Les Divers as directors.
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